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Christopher Williams, Natalie Wife Gate Battles Chuck Smith: EXCLUSIVE

Christopher Williams, Natalie Wife Gate Battles Chuck Smith: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Is Christopher Williams married to Natalie, and does Christopher Williams even have a wife? Tonight, the Christopher Williams, Natalie Wife Gate scandal erupts on RHOA. And if you think that Chuck Smith and Mynique Smith don’t play a role in tonight’s off-camera struggle, think again. LALATE can report that that Chuck Smith allegedly pushed aggressively to get his wife and himself a role as full cast members of RHOA this season. And Christopher Williams and Natalie allegedly attempted to do the same. But for now, the future of RHOA casting could come down to tonight’s episode and its impact on telecast ratings.

While many have asserted that Porsha Stewart might not be brought back, others contend that she will be invited back to the show with changes. Porsha could be supplemented with a new housewife. During 2013 filming, however, Bravo tested multiple candidates.

Insiders claim that those candidates filmed scenes. Some scenes made the final cut, others didn’t. Bravo ultimately decided on multiple episode arches for Smith and Williams. Smith’s target was Parks and Burruss. Williams’ target was Tucker and Moore. And while neither House – husband might have gotten a salary check, they got a ratings test.

So far, Chuck Smith appears the ratings winner. His “you were part of the team” episode delivered record ratings for Bravo when Smith brought up Parks and Burruss’ past. Tonight, Williams tries his ratings run, as he goes for Moore. But Kenya is already holding her own.

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Kenya tells “I found Natalie to have an agenda when she was speaking so negatively about Todd.?I’ve worked with Christopher Williams, (Natalie’s common law husband) on a play called Gossip, Lies, and Secrets years ago. There was more drama behind the scenes than on the stage. During that time, he told many of the cast that he was not married but they consider themselves ‘common law’ married. Meaning…they lived off and on as husband and wife but never walked down an aisle nor had any legal ceremony.”

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For now, Moore adds “I could not care less about their arrangement or her gift certificate of marriage, LOL! It wasn’t my business, but Natalie made it my business when she chose to blatantly lie about being married for 18 years and trash Todd. Trust me, there is a lot of tea I know about Christopher from being on a play with him for 3 months, but those are his secrets and he’s not relevant. As for Todd, I like Todd and Kandi together. They are happy so no one should care about his past or what relationships didn’t work.”

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