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Brandi Glanville Dog Chica: Editing Prompts Joyce Giraud Feud

Brandi Glanville Dog Chica: Editing Prompts Joyce Giraud Feud did she find missing dead

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Did Brandi Glanville find her dog Chica, and how did Bravo editing allegedly make Joyce Giraud appear better this season that Brandi claims she really is? Brandi Glanville’s dog Chica went missing after the housewives headed to Palm Springs several episodes ago. At the time, viewers had seen a limited amount of one-time filming between Brandi and Joyce. During that trip, Brandi’s dog Chica goes missing, leaving fans perplexed if Chica is ever found. But when Joyce offers her wishes, Brandi Glanville says “it is not about you Joyce!” The disappearance about Chica spirals a feud between the two cast members in which more alcohol is consumed, another Sur-fight erupts, and friendships are lost. The feud however is far from over this season despite last Monday’s episode.

Eventually Brandi Glanville does not find her dog Chica. Brandi has since told news since filming aired that she believes that Chica was killed by coyotes. But in recent episodes, Bravo has continued to show Brandi drinking. Glanville says that she is the victim of a bad Bravo editing. But she is correct? Glanville tells news “I got drunk around Joyce maybe 2 and a half times the entire season long, and twice in the public eye this past year. Once on my birthday and once after I turned in my second book, I was celebrating both times, my children were at their fathers and I’m not going to make apologies for those times.”

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Brandi nevertheless tells news that she doesn’t like accusations against her. “Joyce’s ongoing comments, accusations and labels have endangered my family and cost me jobs, and opportunities”.

Last season, nevertheless, Brandi said of Adrienne Maloof “Adrienne is once again showing her true colors as she has stooped to a new low.” At the time, a false story surfaced accusing Brandi of inking a relationship with producer Alex Baskin. Brandi wrongly accused Maloof as the source of the story. Brandi said that “[Adrienne Maloof] has made up lies about half the cast and her husband and tried to ruin lives with the false stories she puts in the press.” Malooff’s lawyer said Brandi was wrong, calling it “absolutely false that Adrienne or anyone of her reps leaked this.”

For now, Brandi does not assert any erroneous editing around Chica and the disappearance. “This last episode of Real housewives of Beverly Hills was extremely difficult for me to watch. I am not going to even mention my baby dog Chica’s situation because it is just to sad and hard for me to relive. But otherwise yes I am very embarrassed for my behavior and take full responsibility for over indulging.”

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