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Football Games Schedule Today January 19 Heats up NFL Playoffs 2014

what time is the what channel is the Football Games Schedule Today January 19, 2014 NFL Playoffs 1-19-2014

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The football games schedule today January 19, 2014 heats up the NFL Playoffs 2014. When are the football games today 1-19-14, what is the start time for the NFL Playoff games Sunday, and what channel will carry today’s football schedule for the playoffs?

The football games schedule today (live score results below) head to two channels, for two games, being played slightly earlier than usual Sunday games. There will no primetime NFL football game tonight. And there won’t be a game on ESPN or NBC today either.

Rather your NFL games kick off in about three hours from now at 3 PM EST with the first game, the Patriots vs. Broncos. The New England – Denver game heads to CBS, reps tell news. The game follows the Broncos defeating the Chargers last Sunday, final score 24-17. And last Saturday, the Pats beat the Colts in a stunning 43-22 final score.

Then the second game today heads not to NBC in primetime but to FOX with Pam Oliver (photos below) in the late afternoon. That game has a start time of 6:30 PM EST and will feature the 49ers vs. the Seahawks. The game follows the 49ers win over the Panthers last weekend, final score 23-10. And last Saturday, the Seahawks beat the Saints in a final score of 23-15.

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Meantime, the real star last weekend for the Pats was LeGarrette Blount. After that game, Patriots coach Bill Belichick told ESPN news his thoughts about Blount. “He’s got that combination of size, power, and quickness and speed. He can run hard. He can make guys miss and he can go the distance.”

Following their win, Tom Brady told ESPN news “It’s just a great achievement. People have counted us out at times this year, but I think we’ve got a locker room full of believers.” For live score results today click HERE.

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