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Top Chef New Orleans 2014 Winner: Do Nina and Louis Make Finals?

who wins Top Chef New Orleans 2014 Winner: Do Nina and Louis Make Finals spoilers

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins Top Chef New Orleans 2014 season 11, does Nina Compton or Shirley Chung win Top Chef New Orleans this season, and who wins reaches the finals from Last Chance Kitchen, is it Louis Maldonado? A year ago, fans watched as the absence of Top Chef spoilers online caused confusion. At the time, many had wondered who would win the final Last Chance Kitchen, and if that winner would eventual win the entire Top Chef season. This season that uncertainty returns with no significant Top Chef spoilers 2014 online.

The mystery over who wins Top Chef 2014 New Orleans heats up as Season 11 heads to Maui tonight with five remaining contestants. Tonight is episode fourteen. And the finals is just three weeks away.

So far, fans are being left guessing if Louis Maldonado, 32, the current winner of Last Chance Kitchen, can fight his way all the way back into the finals. Last year that happened as Brooke Williamson faced Kristen Kish, the Last Chance Kitchen winner, in the finals. And an episode before that, fans were told of a new format change to the show.

In two weeks from now, the show will down to two of the five remaining contestants. Chef Sheldon Simeon and Chef Brooke Williamson were those final two last season. LALATE sees that the final two this season as big open field. But could the finals be Nina Compton against Louis Maldonado? LALATE certainly thinks so.

Tonight, the judges tell the contestants “You are going to be asked to cook with only what is found in dumpsters in the French Quarter. The winning dish will be featured in all my restaurants in New Orleans.” Later they add “Welcome to Maui for the finale. … This is the closest finale I have ever experienced.”

Tensions grow between Carlos and Nick. “Do not move my pots, do not move pots, and do not move my pots. You understand me?! Carlos is deliberating moved my pots when I told him. Give me a reason and I get at them.”

Carlos replies “Nick does not hurt my feelings. I am here to cook that it is. … Nick, in your face, take that.”

Shirley later tells viewers “I am always wondering what is Shirley Chung cuisine. And the moment that finding that voice was the shrimp ship with you Chef. You have to cook food that you and your family eat and that I love to eat … And I think I found my voice. You Chef re-inspired my passion for food.” For continuing c0verage click HERE.

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