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AP Top 25 NCAA College Basketball 2014 Rankings Debuts Week 11 Jan 13

AP Top 25 NCAA College Basketball 2014 Rankings Debuts Week 11 January 13, 2014 standings today 1-13-14

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The AP Top 25 NCAA College Basketball 2014 Rankings debut Week 11 January 13, 2014 standings this morning. But which team will be atop the college basketball rankings this week and what will happen to Ohio State? Last week was one of the worse weeks of the season for Top 25 teams with more upsets in seven days than has been seen in a while. In fact, several of the top ten teams got beat, and some got beat twice in one week by unranked teams. LALATE predicts that you will see major changes in the top five today. The complete results are announced to news just after 9 am PST, 12 noon EST today.

The latest AP Top 25 NCAA College Basketball 2014 Rankings are expected to toss several teams out of the list all together and moved several teams down significantly. The real question is Ohio State. The previously ranked number three Ohio State lost not one but two games last week to ranked teams, and did so dramatically. They got beat by Michigan State by four points and Iowa by ten points. How far will Ohio State fall today? LALATE predicts the team could fall more than eight positions and could drop more than ten spots. The AP Top 25 generally moves a team down approximately six positions when they loose one of two games in a week to ranked teams. But could Ohio State drop even more than eight points this week? That remains to be seen.

Moreover, LALATE predicts that your new top five will be Arizona, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Wichita State. Thereafter, expect Villanova to move up as well into seventh position, previously held by Baylor. Baylor got beat by Iowa State last week as well. Baylor will probably fall out of the top ten.

Number nine Iowa State will also fall out of the top ten today. They got beat last week by Oklahoma. As a result, Florida and Oklahoma State should move up and end up higher in the top ten this week.

Which teams could be fall off the Top 25 this week? Among them are Oregon. They got beat by Cal and Stanford last week. Oregon had ranked at seventeenth last week. Illinois should be out as well. They lost both games last week. And Gonzaga could be gone. They fell to Portland by nine points in their only game last week. For the new AP Top 25 list for this week, after roughly 9 am PST today click HERE.

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