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Kenya Moore Dating Nigeria Oil Tycoon, Boyfriend List Closes: EXCLUSIVE

Kenya Moore Dating Nigeria Oil Tycoon, Boyfriend List Closes: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kenya Moore is dating a Nigeria oil tycoon, LALATE exclusively reported last year. This week, Moore confirmed much the same. Who is Kenya Moore dating, who is Kenya Moore’s boyfriend, and where are pictures of Kenya Moore dating her tycoon with a net worth purportedly at one billion dollars? In spring 2013, Moore told news that she was dating an international tycoon. Later LALATE exclusively reported that the tycoon is from Nigeria. This week, Kenya confirm the same, appearing on the cover on OK! Nigeria.

Details about who is Kenya Moore dating have filtered progressively over the last two years on LALATE. Moore has appeared several times in Nigeria since 2012, as reported exclusively here. But with each visit, Moore was careful not post pictures of the airport not the boyfriend. Moore left Bravo with details that he boyfriend was a prince, a tycoon, and lives overseas. LALATE later reported that he lives in Nigeria and is believed to have partied with Kenya alongside D’banj. Moreover LALATE exclusively reported that D’banj may have introduced Moore to the guy in fall 2012. Moore at the time appeared in Texas during a special telecast of WHHL. Later she appeared alongside friend D’banj. Within weeks, D’banj was back in Nigeria hosting a concert. And around the same time, Moore was dating the tycoon.

Kenya has chosen to not use the words “Nigeria oil tycoon” and “billionaire” collectively during recent news interviews. Arguably the reason she is doing so is because that the list of Nigeria oil tycoon billionaires who are in their fifties, single, or young is very limited, LALATE can report. In recent weeks, a series of Nigeria publications obtained by LALATE have listed the collective number of such men fitting Kenya’s boyfriend profile. And there are purportedly not that many.

In spring 2013, LALATE reported that Kenya Moore’s boyfriend might be one of Folorunsho Alakija‘s sons. Following that LALATE report, Wendy Williams asked Moore about our story if she was dating Folorunsho Alakija‘s sons. Moore reportedly denied the same. And as to Moore’s claim that he is a “prince”, Moore told news that he is not a prince. She is using it as a term of endearment.

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“Nigerian men are very successful, and confident and those are the type of men I am attracted to”, Kenya tells OK! Nigeria’s latest issue. The OK Magazine article, apparently with Kenya’s approval, talks extensively about LALATE details to date, namely the D’banj connection, his concert, her visits to Nigeria, and the Williams question about Folorunsho Alakija.

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Extensive excerpts of the OK Nigeria article are not yet published online. But the magazine reportedly states that “Kenya reveals he won’t appear on the reality show and plans to keep the relationship very private.” It remains unclear how successful Moore will be at that. Moore in the article purportedly refrains from using “billionaire” and instead uses “millionaire” and rather than “oil tycoon” calls him simply a “business man.”

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