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Chuck Smith, Tamar Braxton, TBoz Allegations Strike Mynique Smith

Chuck Smith, Tamar Braxton, TBoz Allegations Strike Mynique Smith

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Chuck Smith date Tamar Braxton and TBoz as well? Chuck Smith, Tamar Braxton and TBoz (Tionne Watkins) dating allegations are now striking Mynique Smith. After she alleged “dumped” Chuck Smith, Kandi then went and wrote a song for the group TLC entitled Girl Talk. Since Sunday, Kandi and her manager have been hinting the song may allegedly be inspired by Chuck Smith. Thereafter, one website published a report that Chuck Smith allegedly dated Tamar Braxton around the same time before she married Vincent Herbert. And now yet another website, whose host is a friend of Kandi Burruss, claims that allegedly during filming Chuck Smith may have allegedly claimed to allegedly dated Tamar Braxton and TBoz as well.

Did Chuck Smith date Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks? That was the question RHOA viewers wanted to know two weeks ago. But after Sunday’s telecast, many viewers began to wonder if Chuck Smith had allegedly dated Tamar Braxton and TBoz as well. Ironically, reports claim that Kordell Stewart is now dating Towanda Braxton.

Earlier this week, one often inaccurate website published a report that claimed that around the time that Chuck was dating Kandi and Phaedra that he was also allegedly dating Tamar Braxton as well. The report claims that the alleged dating happened in the 1990s far before Toni Braxton’s sister met Vincent Herbert.

Thereafter, another report published a website whose host is friendly with Kandi Burruss, Funkydineva, claimed a new series of allegations. The site claimed the car ride scene with NeNe Leakes, Chuck and Phaedra was highly edited. While the trip by the three appeared to last just a few hours, in which the stars were wearing the same clothes scene to scene, the website claims that the scenes were filmed over a three day filming trip by producers, allegedly. Then, the website further claimed that, during the dispute between Phaedra and Chuck alliterations were made that Chuck allegedly dated Tamar and TBoz around the same general period and that allegedly Bravo cut that purported footage out in the end.

TBoz however would go on to sing Girl Talk with her TLC members. The song would become a big hit. And after Sunday’s telecast of RHOA, Kandi and her friends drop hints that she may have written the song inspired allegedly by Chuck Smith. For now, Tamar, TBoz, Chuck and Kandi are not commenting about purported footage being edited from the car drive, or whether Chuck dated Tamar and TBoz decades ago.

Of note, the second website, Funkydineva, also claims that, when the Smiths were filming their scenes for RHOA, it was allegedly unknown if the footage would ever, and if their characters would become a part of this season. The site further claims that Bravo allegedly tested other possible “friends of housewives” for this season, filmed with them, but that footage didn’t make final cut. And lastly, Funkydineva further claims that during filming of the Smiths, Chuck allegedly kept on asking producers if the footage was good enough to make his wife a full housewife this season. While the Smiths have been silent about their goals with Bravo, the site claims that the two were allegedly pushing for full housewife status for Ms. Smith. It remains if they were ever paid for this now shocking footage. Mama Joyce however has told news that she was not paid allegedly by Bravo despite drawing massive ratings earlier this season.

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    January 11, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    Da m Tamar has been with a lot of men.

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