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Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas Divorce? RHOA Stars Laugh about Episode

Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas Divorce? RHOA Stars Laugh about Episode

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas getting a divorce, are the two breaking up, and what happened with Cynthia’s sister Mal? Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas dominate a “reality” storyline this week about a possible divorce or breakup. But that is just television. Peter tells news that he and his wife’s marriage is as strong as ever.

The Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas divorce chatter heated up Sunday. RHOA made it look like the couple were heading to a separation. RHOA loves a faux divorce storyline after trying the same with Phaedra and Apollo last season. And this one appears to be much the same. “I’m used to it! Put your life out there and people will have their opinions. It comes with the territory”, Peter tweeted as the episode aired. He also laughed about his love life. “Please know this, even if it’s once a month, I Waite for it baby, because I only want one woman, Cynthia Bailey Thomas.”

During the episode, Peter fumed “We can’t continue like this. Somebody needs an escape route.” Cynthia suggested that maybe she might drive Peter to cheating. “Next you’ll be like, ‘Well, let me just have a little hottie on the side to take the pressure off you.'”

Meantime, what his happening with Peter and Mal? As Sunday’s episode aired, the two were feuding on Twitter. Mal wrote about Peter “When It’s comes to my SISTER.. I can bring up whatever I want to. #BelieveThat.” Peter responded “whatever, that’s why your — is out and not in”. Mal replied “Shut up Peter.. Trying to help your —.” The episode airs tonight on Bravo. As Peter laughed “Some people take this — entirely too seriously. It’s all good in Atlanta.”

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