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The Bachelor Spoilers 2014 Winner: Who Wins Bachelor Juan Pablo’s Pick

Bachelor Spoilers 2014 Winner Nikki Ferrell Who Wins Bachelor Juan Pablo's Pick

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor Spoilers 2014 are already revealing who wins the Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo, who Juan Pablo picks and if the contestant is still engaged to her Bachelor? The Bachelor 2014 spoilers claim the winner is Nikki Ferrell, that Juan Pablo picks Nikki, that he doesn’t give her a ring, and that he allegedly moves on from her after filming ends. Bachelor Spoilers 2014 launched late last year during filming of the current season with Juan Pablo. And Reality Steve had nothing but negative things to state about the season, its winner announcement and revelation about who Juan Pablo picks.

The Bachelor Spoilers 2014 from RealitySteve claim that Juan Pablo does pick a Bachelor 2014 finale winner, but allegedly has no interest in staying with her. RealitySteve further claims that you better not take out any engagement rings this season. Because apparently Juan Pablo picks a winner, allegedly to fulfill contractual obligations under the show, but does not propose to the woman. If that is not enough, Steve claims that Juan Pablo allegedly had little interest in the final group of women by the time the season gets to hometown dates. If such is true, then fans might be horrified how the season end.

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Steve further makes shocking allegations about Juan Pablo, nothing positive. He claims that the “reality” star was allegedly driven by fame, still is, and allegedly is interested in being on Dancing with the Stars and continuing with further roles after this show’s production ends. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers 2014 moreover assert that Juan Pablo allegedly was very disinterested in the show’s women toward the end.

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And how about Nikki Ferrell? Is she the new Courtney Robertson? Steve tells news “From all accounts that I’ve been hearing for the last month or so, Nikki likes very few people and very few people like Nikki. Now that the spoilers are out there, could they change up Nikki’s edit? I mean, I guess they could.”

Juan Pablo is the show’s first minority Bachelor. Juan Pablo is a New York native, who was raised in Venezuela, and played soccer in Spain and Miami.

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