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Arsenal vs. Cardiff City 2014 Prompts EPL Table Score Battle Today

Arsenal vs. Cardiff City 2014 Prompts EPL Table Score Battle Today live score results channel today game

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Arsenal vs. Cardiff City 2014 (live score results below) gets underway within minutes for today’s soccer game on New Years Day January 1, 2014. The game features a battle for standings on the EPL Table. Arsenal is currently ranked first with forty-two points. Cardiff however is back in sixteenth place with eighteen points.

Today’s Arsenal vs. Cardiff City 2014 game (star time 7 am PST) features two teams both with recent mixed results. Arsenal has two losses, one draw and two wins in their last five games. Cardiff City in turn has three losses, one draw and one win in their last five matches. After today, Arsenal faces Tottenham, Aston Villa, Fulham and Southampton in its upcoming 2014 games.

Manager Arsene Wenger tells his team’s news site this week the squad’s opinion of upcoming transfers. “We are like many clubs, certainly (we are) on alert. If something special turns up we will not turn it down, but we are not as well desperate because we have a big depth in our squad. We have shown that because our midfield at West Ham and at Newcastle was completely different, we changed three players and we still managed to have a very strong team.”

For now Wenger is happy with his current lineup. “I am quite confident with our squad. As has been mentioned, maybe up front we are a bit shorter with specialized people because most of the big clubs have three specialized central strikers, we have only two because (Yaya) Sanogo is not ready yet, so maybe if that something special opportunity turns up, we will not turn it down, but everywhere else we are in no need at all (to buy).” For live score results today click HERE

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