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Montana Earthquake 2013 Strikes December 24

Montana Earthquake 2013 Strikes December 24 22.0

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A massive 22.0 magnitude Montana earthquake 2013 did not strike on December 24, 2013. Reports claim that a 2.2 magnitude Polson, Montana earthquake on Christmas Eve December 24, 2013 suddenly suffered a computer reporting error and got posted as a “22.0 magnitude” quake to the USGS’s website.

There was no 22.0 Montana earthquake 2013 on Christmas Eve. But unconfirmed reports claim that a possible second computer error may have falsely reported a 9.9 magnitude Montana 2013 on December 25, 2013 as well. Needless to say, there has not been a quake over 4.5 magnitude since Christmas Eve, with the exception of two quakes, officials tell news. A 4.6 magnitude quake struck Colombia on Christmas Day and a 5.2 magnitude Papua New Guinea earthquake struck today.

As to Montana, the confusion stemmed from a 2.2 magnitude quake that hit Polson on December 24. It was twelve miles northwest of town. It began just after 8:50 am PST and was entered four miles below the earth’s surface. No false magnitude data currently exists on USGS’s site.

Since May, a series of quakes have struck the state of Montana. That month a comparable quake hit seventy miles northwest of Rexburg, Idaho and eighty-four miles northwest of Idaho Falls. The quake was eight-five miles north of Ammon, Idaho and roughly one hundred fifty miles from Helena, Montana.

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