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Chuck Smith RHOA Dumped by Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Before Mynique Smith

Chuck Smith RHOA Dumped by Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Before Mynique Smith

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Chuck Smith on RHOA was dumped by Kandi Burruss, twice, and dated Phaedra Parks, three times, before marrying Mynique Smith, so claims Kandi this week. So is Chuck Smith the Shade Smiley of RHOA this season? Chuck’s dating got so serious that Mama Joyce wanted him to marry Kandi. While Todd Tucker “cheating on Kandi with Carmen” allegations are growing this season, Kandi admits that Mama Joyce wanted her to marry Chuck Smith. Instead, she dumped him. The above photo shows Chuck Smith with the Falcons, Kandi at the time, and a young cheerleading Phaedra Parks.

Chuck Smith was introduced to RHOA fans earlier in the season when he denied ever dating Phaedra Parks. In fact, Chuck implied that he hardly knew Phaedra, while Phaedra says she went to the same high school and lived down the street from each other growing up.

But the real twist comes when Chuck Smith’s past with Kandi comes up. “Mama Joyce liked him”, Kandi says. “Chuck bought her expensive gifts for Christmas”. Nene is shocked. “But Chuck is cheap!”

Chuck Smith, then with the Atlanta Falcons, apparently dazzled Mama Joyce with expensive gifts. And Mama Joyce, who is seen driving a new Audi SUV this season, to no surprise, loved Chuck’s gifts, Kandi tell news “He wasn’t cheap to me”.

Kandi explains quickly that at a time she got into a money squeeze and Chuck helped her out as well. “This is uncomfortable, I was not gonna bring him up to her… now I am sitting her and she is looking crazy”, Kandi tells news.

Then Phaedra offers the bizarre storyline. “We dated when we were children. 11 years old. We were not having relations…. and then we dated again, college time and then we dated when he played with the Falcons, I dated him. It was never that serious. I went to law school , met my husband .. I think of him in a respectful way.”

So Kandi dated him twice, and Phaedra dated him three times apparently. But after giving a read to Mynique Smith and her name “Mynique”, Phaedra says “I respect you and your marriage. I would never bring it up .. it was 20 plus years ago.” Mynique Smith is shocked. “He said you never dated.”

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