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Yolanda Foster, David Foster Invite Canadian Tenors on RHOBH

Yolanda Foster, David Foster Invite Canadian Tenors on RHOBH

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Yolanda Foster and David Foster invited the Canadian Tenors aka the Tenors onto RHOBH tonight. The group is a vocal quartet of Remigio Pereira, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters, and Clifton Murray. But does Yolanda Foster’s “Dream Team” fall apart at the end of the season? Tonight Yolanda Foster and David Foster joke about her “Dream Team”. But since that telecast, does the Dream Team fall apart?

Tonight, Yolanda Foster hosts a dinner date for housewives and their spouses. “The subconscious of Yolanda H. Foster draws hearts next to the names of her favorite ‘wives, upsetting the ladies without hearts next the their names”, Bravo tells news. Kyle Richards remarks “how come some people have little hearts on their cards and we don’t. I did not get a heart.” Yolanda replies “I did the name tags, no reason. Okay. It was my unconscious thinking without thinking. But it looks like my unconscious was right.”

Yolanda laughs. “Yes, they are my team, the dream team!” The Dream Team is Carlton, Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda. Joyce replies “I didn’t know we were in teams? Dream team – I think they are a nightmare team.”

Kyle Richards has since said of Yolanda “In hindsight, a part of me is mad at myself for being so quick to want to fix things with Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda that night. It’s clear that Yolanda wasn’t genuine from her interview comments saying she doesn’t have time for Kim and my antics.” She adds “Yolanda contradicts herself nonstop. She does talk a good game though. If only her actions matched her words.”

The question is whether the “Dream Team” stays together this season. Since filming, David Foster has told the Nanaimo Daily News / Harbour City Star that he and Yolanda believe the entire rest of the cast are clowns. “The Beverly Hills show, like she says, is just a bunch of clowns trying to make a living.” When asked about the clowns comment, Lisa Vanderpump said “A bunch of clowns? Well, I must be the hardest working clown in the business.”

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