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Vanderpump Rules: Jax, Kristen Rumor Believed by Stassi

Vanderpump Rules: Jax, Kristen Rumor Believed by Stassi

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Jax and Kristen sleep together on Vanderpump Rules? Katie drops a Jax and Kristen rumor during Peter’s party. But Stassi believes it. Meantime, what is Jax’s real name, is he really “Jax Taylor”, and does Jax have breast cancer?

This season, Vanderpump Rules has purportedly departed from reality in many scenes. Today, Katie walks up to a garage sale with Kristen and Stassi. And she breaks into tears, seemingly on cue. Suddenly an entire conversation for a new plot development is revealed. But was this all staged by Bravo?

Stassi starts the scene. “Katie said that Jax and Kristen had relations in January. Last night after Peter’s birthday, she said that Jax told her that Tom and Arianna hooked up. But she dropped that Jax and Kristen did too.”

It’s then time to cue Katie who enters, smiles, cries, and runs off. But not far behind is the Stassi vs. Kristen confrontation. “I hate myself more than you hate me. More than you will eventually hate me. I don’t know what you want with me”, cries Katie.

Stassi believes the rumor. “It is not the first time it is happened. When Katie told me about the Jax and Kristen rumor, my first instinct is that it is totally unbelievable because this is the worse thing to ever happen to me yet I kind of believe it.”

She tells Katie “I need every possible detail.” Of course, because viewers need the details as well. “Katie, why did you keep this a secret from me for six months?” Katie replies “I said what I know. It is rumor. I should not repeat because it is a rumor… Kristen and Jax sleeping together that I heard from this other girl Katie. Jax and Kristen denied and I just never thought or spoke about it until now.”

Stassi says “why did you keep it from me?” But then she wonders “here Kristen is being calm… I say guilty.”

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