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Brandi Glanville Dog Chica Missing, Never Found: Cameron Gets Fired

Brandi Glanville Dog Chica Missing, Never Found: Cameron Gets Fire

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Brandi Glanville find her dog Chica, what happened to Chica, did Brandi ever find her Chihuahua, and who stole Brandi’s dog? The Brandi Glanville Chica storyline continues tonight on RHOBH. Last Monday, Bravo ended the storyline with a cliffhanger. Assistant Cameron text messages Brandi Glanville to tell her that her dog Chica is missing and has not been found. Brandi leaves Palm Springs in tears shouting “I’m going to get my dog back!” Before her departure, Brandi turns to fellow cast members who vow to help her find Chica.

But does Brandi find Chica? Sadly, starting tonight on RHOBH, viewers will learn that missing Chica was never found. Brandi spent weeks looking for Chica. But she never found her dog. When the horror erupted earlier this year, Brandi told news that she believed someone stole Chica. So who stole Chica? Last Monday, assistant Cameron tells Brandi that robbers broke into her rented house and didn’t steal anything. But when they left, Chica went missing. Brandi further tells viewers that Cameron allegedly let Chica out earlier in the same week and that Brandi had to search for the dog around the town, only to find Chica that first time.

Since the episode was filmed, Brandi Glanville has told news that she fired Cameron, that Chica was never found, and that she still to this day does not know what happened to Chica. Brandi, while clear about storylines this season, is very silent as details surrounding the dog’s disappearance and the burglary. Was there really a burglary at her house?

Brandi tells news over the weekend. “This last episode of Real housewives of Beverly Hills was extremely difficult for me to watch. I am not going to even mention my baby dog Chica’s situation because it is just to sad and hard for me to relive. But otherwise yes I am very embarrassed for my behavior and take full responsibility for over indulging.”

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From there, Brandi turns her attention to her cast. She fumes against Joyce and even Bravo producers this week. Brandi claims that Bravo is airing footage out of order to create a fake storyline. Of course, fans have known that for years. Last season, RHOC aired Gretchen Rossi’s “engagement” as though it happened before Vicki Gunvalson’s Christmas party even though the engagement happened in late spring 2013.

Brandi further tells news this week “I was a […rude] to Joyce for reasons you don’t get to see on the show. To the viewer It looks like I am just acting […rude] towards her for no reason, but trust me I have my reasons. However for Joyce who has only been around me a handful of times, never been to my home, never spent time with my children, never h*** out with me outside of shooting, to label me the way she did and continues to do, is incredibly irresponsible and hurtful. I made one very insensitive and inappropriate comment that I have profusely apologized for. I in no way live with any sort of prejudice in my life of any sort.” For more on Chica, click HERE.


  1. Sharyn

    December 26, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    Is it not transparent as can be? The assistant either lost the dog again and feared Brandi so lied about the break in.. or stole the dog herself. Obviously if there was a break in and nothing was stolen this isn’t a real break in.. That b**** assistant needs to be investigated for sure. Burns me up because I love animals and hate the idea of that b**** assistant Cameron getting away with it. I hope Brandi realizes that there is no honesty from her and uses some of her money and fame to deal with this. Expose the b****, get her arrested for lying about a break in..whatever it takes.

  2. LaLa

    December 29, 2013 at 5:27 pm


    I cried for your loss and Chicas saftey during that episode and I have been in your shoes girl. I know what its like to not know the where abouts/saftey of a lost furry member of the family. I prey Chica is or has not suffered.

    May I suggest (4 if I were in your shoes), you contact the Psychic Twins Terry and Linda & Jamison? They are ranked #1 in their accuracy according to the discovery channel no b.s. ! Time is of the essence and you will discover through the gifted sisiters EXACTLY who what when and where. Wishing u and your family the best.

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