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Towanda Braxton & Kordell Stewart Dating, Replacing Porsha on RHOA?

Towanda Braxton & Kordell Stewart Dating, Replacing Porsha on RHOA?

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Towanda Braxton and Kordell Stewart dating, what happened to Andre Carter, and is Towanda Braxton replacing Porsha Stewart next season on RHOA? LALATE can report that Bravo executives might have an explosive new storyline in cue for next season of RHOA, if they get clearance, with reports that Porsha Stewart’s ex-husband, Kordell Stewart, is now dating Towanda Braxton. Towanda is Toni Braxton’s sister and has appeared several seasons on Braxton Family Values (tonight on WETV). Porsha, who has changed her name back to Porsha Williams, has appeared on just two seasons of RHOA. But now viewers are wondering if Towanda could, in addition to BFV, join RHOA next season as a new housewife.

Towanda Braxton and Kordell Stewart would not confirm to news if they are dating. But they appeared in public together holding hands this Tuesday appearing for news photographers much like a couple. Yet was their appearance a media play? And what does Andre Carter think?

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Towanda Braxton and Andre are still married but legally separated. Last year on BFV, Tamar Braxton fumed at Towanda to dump Andre once and for all. “You know that Tamar and Vince are trying to have a baby” Towanda told Andre over drinks. But when Towanda says “I think Tamar would be a great mom”, Andre gave his disapproval. “She is a great aunt, but a mother is a totally different thing.” Towanda takes a breath and a drink, and tells Andre “When Tamar said she might have complications in carrying a baby, I told her, and volunteered, that I would carry the baby for her.” Andre erupted. “You told me you don’t want to have any more kids!”

Towanda replies “I don’t.” Andre’s eyes pop out as he exclaims “You popping out a baby and not having a child?”

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The latest apparent dating by Towanda Braxton and Kordell Stewart also prompts an unusual RHOA-BFV twist. Each season on BFV, Dr Sherry has been assisting Towanda and her sisters with family and marital problems. Dr Sherry dealt with Towanda and her sisters’ feuds in season one and Trina and Gabe’s divorce thereafter. But Dr Sherry on two seasons of RHOA was also assisting Porsha and Kordell.

Finally, could Towanda appear on BOTH BFV and RHOA next season? Anything is possible. The two networks of Bravo and WETV do not share a common parent company ownership. Traditionally, reality tv contracts preclude appearances on competing networks at the same time provided there is not a contract release or permission granted. In 2014, fired RHOC member Gretchen Rossi heads to WETV. But for now, if Bravo wants Towanda on RHOA and WETV grants the request, there could be a whole lot more to twirl about in 2014.

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  1. TL

    December 23, 2013 at 12:17 am

    I don’t believe this one lol, Cordell plays for the other team lol ! Three snaps in a circle lol !

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