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Brandi Glanville Dog Chica Never Found, Brandi Never Got Dog Back

Brandi Glanville Dog Chica Never Found, Brandi Never Got Dog Back did brandi get her dog back every found finds chica

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Brandi Glanville dog Chica goes missing on RHOBH this week. But did Brandi get her dog back, did Brandi find dog Chica, and was the adorable dog ever found? The horror over Brandi Glanville’s dog Chica (photos below), Brandi’s assistant Cameron, and her angry neighbor was reported by LALATE before Monday night’s episode. At the end of the one hour telecast, Bravo left the telecast with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers guessing if Brandi found dog Chica once she got home to Encino, California. Typically, a rebroadcast of Monday’s episode would air on Wednesday night. But for now, Bravo is holding rebroadcasting the telecast until this weekend. And next Monday, fans learn what happens once Brandi returns from Palm Springs.

LALATE can already report however that next Monday’s telecast will be difficult to watch. The greatest fear – loosing a pet – will be coupled Monday with hints of a possible theft. When the terror happened earlier this year, Brandi Glanville told news that she was not particularly certain if Chica was stolen or simply went missing. Glanville, who was threatened with legal action last year for comments about Adrienne Maloof, was careful what to say about assistant Cameron at the time.

Chica Pictures Set 1
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On this Monday’s telecast, Brandi Glanville reveals that assistant Cameron allegedly let Chica out once before in the same week. And at that time, Chica went missing from her new home with Brandi. Potentially unfamiliar with her new surroundings, Chica was found eventually in or around the new rental home in Encino.

But this week, fans saw footage of the second “disappearance” by Chica. When the terror erupted earlier this year, days elapsed with no good news. Brandi could not find Chica. That footage is expected to air next Monday. “I will give anyone who finds my dog chica in Bel air, La, Encino area 10 thousand dollars. Please please. She has a collar call me!” Glanville tweeted at the time.

Chica Pictures Set 2
Chica Photo 5
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Last Monday, Glanville talked to fellow dog owner Kim Richards who vowed to help Brandi with posting signs for Chica. The terror about the signs reportedly erupts once Brandi returns home from Palm Springs. As Brandi put up signs to find the dog, another neighbor took them down. “This b— that is taking down my dog signs is very lucky to be breathing at the moment. If my kids weren’t with me it was about to be ON”, Brandi tweeted at the time.

Shortly after returning from Palm Springs, Brandi fired Cameron. “I no longer work for Brandi. She texted me [Saturday] saying that I didn’t do my job by losing the dog,” Cameron said in a news statement at the time.

Before Monday’s telecast, Brandi reconfirmed to viewers what will air. She said of the next two episodes “my baby Chica goes away forever.” After the telecast on Monday, she added “Thank you for all the Chica love -it’s 2 hard to re- watch”. And within the hour, Brandi tweeted “Thank you for all the love for Chica, she is soooooooo missed by all of us.” Brandi later bought another dog for her kids and named him Chody.

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