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Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Kristen Rumor Grows, Stassi Leaves Sur?

Vanderpump Rules: Jax, Kristen Rumor Causes Stassi To Leave Sur cheating ariana

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Jax and Kristen from Vanderpump Rules have a romance in January and does Stassi leave Sur? Tonight Bravo’s Sur drama goes south with more questions than answers, and predictable storylines. Did Jax cheat on Stassi with Kristen, did Tom cheat on Kristen with Ariana, and is the entire episode cheating reality? Earlier this month fans were left guessing if Jax had cancer, which he does not. Then we were left guessing if Tom and Ariana had an affair, which they didn’t. Tonight, it’s a new surprise: Jax and Kristen.

During Monday’s episode, Katie reportedly gets drunk. And during the evening she tells the Sur staff that she heard a rumor that Jax was cheating on Kristen with Stassi. Previously Tom reportedly admitted that he cheated on Kristen with a girl in Las Vegas. But last week, Ariana assured Kristen she did not cheat with Tom. But Katie drops a surprising rumor to the Sur staff that Kristen romanced Jax “back in January”. And Katie’s “source”, ironically, is the rest of the Sur staff. Of course, that rumor is false as well.

Tom tells news that he is tired of the Jax and Stassi storyline. Don’t tell Bravo producers that. “At that point I was pretty much over the Jax and Stassi thing, you can only hear about something so much. Plus Jax changes his mind like changes his socks. I will always try to help Jax out the best I can, but it gets frustrating when one minute Jax is telling me how much in love he is with Stassi, and the next he is showing me a picture of some new girl he just met.”

And Tom is also frustrated with Kristen. “I’m really frustrated with Kristen’s constant scolding. The fact that Kristen pretty much tells anyone with two ears that I cheated on her gets really obnoxious at times.”

Meantime, Kristen is frustrated with Ariana. “The text conversations between Tom and Ariana were upsetting to me because one of the rumors I had heard was that they had done something at Coachella. I thought it was ridiculous and didn’t really entertain it, but when they were (in my opinion) flirting via text and talking about Coachella, it just made my mind reconsider that rumor.”

Tonight on Pump Rules, Katie shows up the morning after she drops the late-night rumor. When Kristen and Stassi asks Katie about the Jax-Kristen story, Katie goes from not remembering it to suddenly crying instantly. For now, the cheat-sheet on the “reality” show is still growing.

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