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Eastern Kentucky vs. Wisconsin 2013: Badgers Dominate Score

Eastern Kentucky vs. Wisconsin 2013: Badgers Dominate Score live score results channel today game

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Eastern Kentucky vs. Wisconsin 2013 (live score results below) is in the first half of today’s college basketball game. Current score is 15-32. Three minutes remain in the first half.

Today’s Eastern Kentucky vs. Wisconsin 2013 game features number four Wisconsin looking for their twelfth win of the season. The team is 11-0 overall and 8-0 at home. Eastern Kentucky in turn is 7-3 overall and 3-2 on the road. Wisconsin is coming off that 52-78 win over the Milwaukee Panthers.

In that game, Frank Kaminsky delivered sixteen points. He also had four rebounds, two assists and two blocks. Ben Brust was the team’s leading scorer. He had eighteen points with three rebounds, two assists, and one steal.

Before today’s game, Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan told ESPN news that the improvements still need to be made. “So far to this point, they’ve found a way to get a lot of things done. We’ve just got to find a way to keep developing players and keep developing our help-and-recover, our defensive reads. Offensively, better cuts. We’re 11 games into it, but we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Brust agreed. He told news as well “With that there’s been some experience, but not as much as we’ve had in the past, so that means every day in practice we have to be out there working, ready to learn from each other, learn how to play off of each other because that’s something you gradually get over time.” For live score results today click HERE.

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