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Mega Millions Winning Numbers: December 13 Results Tonight Revealed

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: December 13,2013 Results Tonight Revealed last night 12-13-13

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Mega Millions winning numbers for December 13, 2013 results tonight just been released to news. So did you win, and if not, did anyone pick the winning numbers for tonight 12-13-13? In October 2013, officials changed the way the game works and the way in which consumers win. The odds are worse. But tonight, the second largest payout ever in the game’s history was announced. And what were the winning numbers? Your December 13, 2013 winning numbers are 19, 24, 26, 27, 70, Mega: 12, Megaplier: 2.

In announcing result tonight for 12-13-13, Mega Millions reminds news that the latest winning numbers carry a massive payday. If someone correctly picks the winning numbers, they will have won the second largest draw in the history of the game and the fifth largest draw in any game in U.S. history. The last time there was a Mega Millions winner was October 1 in Maryland. Since then the draw has rolled over, two times per week, with no winner.

Paula Otto, executive director of the Virginia Lottery and lead director for the Mega Millions group, tells news this week about the impact of a $425 million draw. “The strong sales of Mega Millions tickets mean more than just an exciting jackpot.” She adds “They mean greater profits to benefit each state in which Mega Millions is played.”

The game has rolled over at least twenty times since October 1 with no winner. Officials add that this is the “largest jackpot since changes were made to Mega Millions that include larger starting jackpots, a million-dollar second prize, and a new matrix of 1-75 for the first five numbers and 1-15 for the Mega Ball number. One thing that did not change is the price of a Mega Millions ticket: still $1.”

The big winner are the states. “Each participating state’s legislature determines how its Mega Millions profits are allocated. In many states, profits are earmarked for education. The beneficiaries in other states include parks, natural resources, property tax relief, programs to help the elderly and several other important causes.” For other Mega Millions and Powerball results this week click HERE.

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