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Mega Millions Winning Numbers: Results Tonight December 10 Reach $344M

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: Results Tonight December 10 Reach $344M

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Mega Millions winning numbers for tonight December 10, 2013 have reached three hundred forty-four million dollars, officials tell news. Last Friday, no one correctly picked the Mega Millions winning numbers. At the time, the draw was at its highest level this year. But with no big winner, the draw rolled over to tonight. So will anyone pick the Mega Millions 12/10/13 winning numbers tonight? The results will be announced to news just after 11 pm EST.

Tuesday’s draw is the result of dramatic efforts by officials to change how and when the game achieves massive payouts. Tonight’s Mega Millions winning numbers might seem high at $344 million. But changes to the change instituted in October 2013 helped the game reach these bigger levels, more frequently per year. In fact, tonight’s draw ran up to this amount in less than two months.

Officials modified the numbers of balls, and hence the odds, to the game back in October. By changing how many possible numbers are at play, by adding and removing respective yellow and white balls, officials worsened the big jackpot’s odds. When they paired that with a higher starting amount, the game was able to run up to bigger amounts, more often, and faster. Those run-ups are what generate news, officials said at the time. But lost in the discussion is how much harder it is to win now.

Last week, officials issued a news statement about Hilton Cancel and Alicia Cancel. They won one million dollars for the November 212 draw. “Hilton said that he ‘went into a totally different kind of numb’ when he realized they matched the first five number”, officials told news last week. “Alicia did not believe him initially and told him to come home so they could check the results together. The couple said they barely slept that night and it really only sunk in when they validated the ticket at the Lottery’s Customer Service Center. Hilton said he always thought that he would win a Lottery prize and that day has finally come.”

The twists with the new game are that these “lesser” amounts of one to three millions dollars. Officials tell news that the new format makes it easier to win these million dollar prize. For live Mega Millions results tonight click HERE.

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