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Rob Gronkowski Injury Update Confirms Torn ACL, Torn MCL

Rob Gronkowski Injury Update Confirms Torn ACL, Torn MCL mri test results

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Rob Gronkowski injury was updated by MRI test results today December 9, 2013. Those results reveal that Gronkowski has a torn ACL and torn MCL injury. Gronkowski’s season is over. After the injury Sunday, players from both teams came over to Gronkowski as uncertainty remained about the injury.

In a news statement moments ago, Adam Schefter confirmed the injury update. “MRI on Rob Gronkowski confirmed torn ACL, torn MCL. Season done”, he tweeted. One of the people who helped Gronkowski to the cart that took him off the field Sunday was Matthew Mulligan.

After the game, Mulligan told ESPN news “Obviously, there is a lot of emotion there, from him and from me; I just wanted to be there in any way I possibly could”. Mulligan added “When you have a good player like him, and you know all the struggles that he’s gone through already, I think it’s catastrophic and everybody feels it.

Mulligan said to news that it was very difficult for Patriots teammates to watch the hit. He called the hit “out of the ordinary”. Mulligan said to ESPN “You spend so much time with these men on this team, a lot of times more than your family. When something happens that’s out of the ordinary, and it’s a difficult situation, you feel for him.” He added “It’s just like your brother. It was very difficult to watch. That’s why you go over and try to pick him up any way you possibly can — whether it’s physically [or something else]. He would do the same for me.”

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