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Mega Millions Winning Numbers: December 6 Results Reach Record

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: December 6 2013 12-6-13 Results Reach Record tonightl

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Mega Millions winning numbers for December 6, 2013 results Friday night will break a 2013 record. Friday’s draw is the largest for the game this year. And that is exactly what Mega Millions had hoped for just two months ago. In October 2013, Mega Millions unveiled dramatically new changes to the game. The goal was higher draws, reached in fewer weeks, generating more news coverage. And it’s working. The Mega Millions winning numbers for 12-6-13 are being announced live at 11 pm EST Friday. But they have been dominating national news since Tuesday evening.

The latest results will unveil Mega Million winning numbers the evening of December 6, 2013. The draw will also offer consumers the hope of winning two hundred ninety-one million dollars with a cash option of one hundred fifty-seven million dollars. But Friday’s draw is not as good as it seems. The odds of winning Friday’s draw is fifty percent worse than had you played the game two months ago. And yet, that is perfectly fine with some consumers and exactly what Mega Millions wants.

The peculiar logic behind the 12-5-13 draw was predicted by LALATE back in September. At the time Mega Millions unveiled to news its plans for the game’s overall. They also admitted their motives.

Mega Millions had analyzed their game earlier this year and determined how to make it more competitive. The finding was that, the bigger the draw amount, the more news coverage. And the more coverage, the more sales generated. They realized that draws that are two hundred, three hundred, possibly four hundred million dollars generate massive national news. But draws of fifty million dollars rarely get coverage. It’s when the game reaches those big draws that more purchases are made and Mega Millions makes more money.

So how did Mega Millions achieve that focus? It revamped the game to start at a higher first week draw amount. It then made the odds of winning the big jackpots harder. So in essence, officials plotted a path for the game to run up to higher payouts, in less weeks, because of harder odds and less chances of winning big draws. And technically, they achieved that by changing the number of balls in the game.

Powerball has had four draws over three hundred million dollars. And each dominated national news coverage. Mega Millions wants the same for its game. So now with odds fifty percent worse, the game will reach its biggest payout since May 2012. The previously highest draw this year from Mega Millions was $198 million in May. For live results Friday click HERE.

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