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NFL Standings 2013: Current Rankings Reveal NFL Playoff Picture Today

NFL Standings 2013: Current Rankings Reveal NFL Playoff Picture football

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The latest NFL Standings 2013 today were updated after Monday Night Football’s final score. The latest NFL Playoff Picture 2013 reveals current standings and rankings across the AFC, NFC, and possible wild card games.

Currently the Patriots are the projected AFC East winner with a 9-3 record over the Dolphins. The Bengals are the projected AFC North leader with an 8-4 record over the second place Ravens. The Colts are set to take the AFC South with a 8-4 record over second place Titans. And the Broncos are hoping to hold off the Chiefs to win the AFC West 2013.

In the NFC, the races are closer. The Cowboys and Eagles both have 7-5 records and are competing for the NFL East win. The NFC North is close as well with the Lions at 7-5 battling a surge by the 6-6 Bengals. In the NFC South, the Saints and the Panthers are both atop the standings with 9-3 records. But the Seahawks are the NFC West winner with a 11-1 record.

If the season ended today, the Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks and Saints would sit out of the Wild Card Round game of January 4-5 and head to the Divisions Round games on January 11 to January 12. For the latest NFL Standings 2013, click HERE. For the latest NFL Playoff Picture 2013 click HERE.

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