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Bravo: Does Jax Vanderpump Rules Have Cancer?

Bravo: Does Jax Vanderpump Rules Have Cancer breast back together with stassi

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Does Jax from Vanderpump Rules have cancer and are Jax and Stassi back together? Jax from Vanderpump Rules has a breast cancer scare tonight on Bravo. And Stassi calls him a liar. So who is telling the truth?

Tonight Jax tells news that he is more upset about Stassi’s reaction than his cancer scare. Jax says that he went to the doctor, who then told him “I don’t know, we are going to run tests, and well give you a call.” Stassi asks him “is this from the supplements?”

But Stassi goes off on Jax. “Three minutes into the confession she is drilling me”, Jax says of her. He says that she fumes ” ‘you are taking those looser pills again.'”

Jax is horrified. “I just got out of my doctor’s office and the first day you are there you are yelling me?” Stassi claims that she is trying to be helpful. But that is far from the truth because she believes that Jax is not being truthful either. “Oh, I am not trying to bring you down… I’m asking for your details”, she tells her friends. But then she tells Bravo in her testimonials that she thinks Jax is faking breast cancer to get her sympathy. “He is fake! He is a liar. He is doing things to get people worked up! You are a bad person Jax. You only ever think of yourself. Right now everyone can see what type of person you are.”

Others disagree. “I went to the doctor to see I have f- cancer and she has no heart… regardless how I feel, when your health is at risk you don’t do this”, Jax tells his friends about Stassi. But Jax’s friends tell him “you need to milk that [cancer scare] with Stassi.”


  1. Dork

    December 3, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    Jax has bZ*tch 7i7s from the dr*gs he took

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