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Carnaval de San Miguel En Vivo 2013 Broadcast Returns to El Salvador

Carnaval de San Miguel En Vivo 2013 Broadcast Returns to El Salvador streaming video live tonight november 30, 2013

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Carnaval de San Miguel en vivo 2013 live broadcast is currently underway tonight from El Salvador. The Carnaval de San Miguel for November 30, 2013 is in full force this evening November 30, 2013. Television Oriental Canal 23 is providing live coverage of the festivities as residents and tourists fill the street.

As reported on LALATE over the last three years, Carnaval de San Miguel today is the result of efforts decades ago by visionary Governor Charlaix Miguel Felix. In 1959, Felix had grown interested in other carnivals worldwide. So he decided to do the same locally. He first made news launching the Carnaval de San Miguel in May locally. But by 1939, organizers expanded the carnival and moved it to a November 21 date. At the time, it was held through local communities including Casino Migueleño and would be offered in tribute to the Virgin of Peace.

In 1966, Felix died in a plane crash. And while launched in the 1930s and modified in the 1950s, the carnival today remains quite similar to Felix’s original vision.

Each year the Carnaval de San Miguel kicks off locally at 6 pm with telecasts to roughly 10 pm locally. Last year organizers told news “The holiday of November in honor of Our Lady of Peace took a new turn from 1959, the year the region appointed as governor Dr. Miguel Felix Charlaix. Thanks to the experience that they had earned during his numerous trips abroad to places where they are very common and traditional carnivals, he devised this bright idea to make one for her land.” The live video is below.

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