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Dancing with the Stars Winner 2013 Revealed in DWTS Results Tonight

Dancing with the Stars Winner 2013 Revealed in DWTS Results Tonight who won november 26, 2013 11-26-13

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who is the Dancing with the Stars winner 2013, who won DWTS in finale results tonight, and will there be a surprise tonight 11-26-13? On tonight’s Dancing with the Stars for November 26, 2013 fans will learn if Corbin Bleu, Jack Osbourne or Amber Riley are the Season 17 DWTS winner. In results last night, Bill Engvall was eliminated. Tonight the DWTS finale heads into a second part of a two-night special.

The Dancing with the Stars 2013 winner follows a peculiar season and peculiar year for DWTS. The DWTS winner earlier this year was Kellie Pickler leaving many fans shocked at the time. Some viewers were surprised that favorite Zendaya was not given the win. So will tonight’s telecast deliver similar results? Amber Riley remains the front runner. But in a season in which low scoring dancer Bill Engvall had survived week to week, until last night, anything is possible.

This season the scores between the final three contestants have been close. As a result, DWTS winner predictions remain highly uncertain tonight. Jack picked up a combined fifty-seven in the Top 4 results while Amber had a sixty-four and Corbin a sixty-two. In fact the spread between Amber and Corbin has not been in excess of four points in several weeks.

Week nine results were last time that Corbin outscored Amber, delivered a combined fifty-eight to her fifty-one. But since then, Amber has dominated scores, ever so slightly. She had a combined four point lead over Corbin in week ten, and two point lead in Top 4 Telecast.

But DWTS leads don’t mean everything. For the DWTS Spring 2013 winner, Kellie surprised news with a win while still trailing Zendaya. In Top 3 numbers, Zendaya outscored Kellie in combined numbers, by one point. In Top 4, Kellie was behind Zendaya. And such was the same in weeks seven and eight as well.

For now, the front runner dominating DWTS predictions tonight still remains Amber. For live results tonight as they are announced click HERE.

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  1. Kathleen Belmonte

    December 5, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    I guess that when I get comfortable with, or used to the original cast of a show, it’s difficult for me to welcome change. I’m referring to losing Len and Bruno. This show is pretty much the last of its kind, providing good ol’ family entertainment, and what happens? They enforce budget cuts! ABC must be run by teenagers now. Talk about teenagers, who writes or proofreads these articles? I don’t mean to sound snobbish, but I guess grammar doesn’t matter anymore. “Me go to school” is more their speed.

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