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Maria Bartiromo Leaves CNBC: What Happened to Maria?

Maria Bartiromo Leaves CNBC: What Happened to Maria

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Maria Bartiromo left CNBC tonight leaving viewers shocked. What happened to Maria Bartiromo, why is Maria Bartiromo leaving CNBC, and what is Maria’s next project? At the tail end of the CNBC midday broadcast today November 22, 2013, Maria told viewers that she was excited for a new opportunity and a new project. But she left viewers guessing, telling them to watch her Twitter page for updates. News reports earlier this week however claim that Maria Bartiromo’s new home is Fox Business Channel and Fox News.

So why did Maria Bartiromo leave CNBC for Fox News? A series of unconfirmed reports today claim that Maria left CNBC for multiple reasons including pay, programming slot, and reach. Maria Bartiromo allegedly had approached NBC with a desire to have a Sunday program block like Meet the Press to get a bigger reach of viewers. That offer was allegedly rejected. But FOX Business Channel allegedly provided that offer to Maria on Sunday’s on Fox News.

The deal with Fox has reportedly not been inked. And Maria’s contract expires with CNBC on November 24. Sources tell Business Insider that Fox’s offer is five to six million dollars per year compared to four million dollars allegedly currently paid at CNBC.

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