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Powerball Winning Numbers November 13 Results Tonight Released

Powerball Winning Numbers November 13, 2013 11-13-13 Results Tonight Released

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Powerball winning numbers for November 13, 2013 results tonight have just been released to news. Did anyone win, however? The latest Powerball winning numbers for 11-13-13, if correctly selected, are worth one hundred ten million dollars with a massive sixty-two million dollar cash value. But for several draws, no one has been winning the big take. And moments ago, the results were announced. This evening’s winning numbers are 5, 31, 50, 55, 56, Powerball: 9.

Powerball winning numbers for November 13, 2013 following an exciting draw last night as well. Officials tell news that no one got the Mega Millions winning numbers on November 12, 2013. So on Friday November 15, the winning numbers will now be worth a massive one hundred forty-nine millions dollars with a cash option of eighty million dollars.

It has been several weeks since both Mega Millions and Powerball’s draw has both been in excess of one hundred million dollars at the same time. But such is the case tonight. Last Saturday, there were no Power Play two million dollar winners in Powerball. But there were two Match Five one million dollar winners. They heralded from Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Seven years ago this month, Jackie Alston of Halifax County won the Powerball draw. “I’m not sure what I am going do yet,” she told news at the time “That’s why I have all these advisors to help me decide.” She added “I just started playing the lottery in this past year and I would only spend maybe $1 or $2 at a time.” She added, “That night I just stopped at the convenience store on my way home from work.”

Officials at the time said that Jackie had no plans to move. “The Halifax County native said she hopes to continue living in the area because she is surrounded by a lot of close friends and family who are looking out for her.” She added “I’ve lived there all my life and the people in Halifax are good people.” For Mega Millions and other Powerball results this week click HERE.

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