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Mexico vs. New Zealand 2013 Score Prompts Copa Mundial Playoff Battle

Mexico vs. New Zealand 2013 Score Prompts Copa Mundial Playoff Battle en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Final score on the Mexico vs. New Zealand 2013 en vivo FIFA World Cup Copa Mundial soccer game today November 13, 2013 was 5-1. This soccer match was the first of two leg playoff qualification round. Now New Zealand is facing big trouble with a huge deficit coming into the second leg.

Today’s Mexico vs. New Zealand 2013 soccer game featured no scoring by New Zealand in the first half. And in the second, they could not tied up the match. The game featured a brace and impressing early and later scoring by the Mexican squad. So could Mexico qualify to the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil? They can if the keep their current lead in the next leg. New Zealand vs. Mexico 2013, the second leg match, is set for November 19, 2013. But New Zealand is now at a four goal deficit because these games work on an aggregate system.

Today Aguilar scored for Mexico at the thirty-two minute mark. Then on an assist from Pena, Jimenez scored at forty minutes. Score at halftime was 2-0.

But then in the second half, Peralta came back with a brace. He scored at forty-eight minutes on an assist from Layun. Then at eighty-minutes, Layun gave the assist to Peralta’s second goal. Finally, at eighty-four minutes, on assist from Escoboza, Marquez scored. One minute later, New Zealand’s James on assist from Fallon finally scored. For live score results during game two, click HERE.

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