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Mauricio Umansky Cheating Fiction 2013 Strikes Kyle Richards

Mauricio Umansky Cheating Fiction 2013 Strikes Kyle Richards

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – A Mauricio Umansky cheating fiction strikes Kyle Richards in this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. RHOBH leaves fans asking if Mauricio Umansky cheated on Kyle Richards. The origin of the story is a tabloid, the couple tells news in the series premiere. When the fiction tale first broke, the couple denied the allegations. But the cheating storyline is far from over this season on RHOBH.

Bravo loves a cheating storyline even if it is false. This season, Bravo ignites RHOBH from episode one with fans left to guess if Mauricio Umansky is cheating on Kyle Richards. The couple quickly denies the claim on camera as they did off camera last spring / summer. But the cheating story will eventually end up being less about them and more about the culprit behind the rumors.

Reports claim that purported tensions between Lisa and Kyle over the story will get very heated during a Puerto Rico trip later in the season. But for now, Kyle is addressing the rumors straight on, calling them all fabricated by tabloids.

During episode one, Lisa Vanderpump laughs about the report. But Kyle doesn’t find humor in discussing them in front of her daughter. “That proves to be difficult with Lisa taking one jab after the next at me. That day, in addition to her jabs, she brought up the subject of the lies in the tabloids that had intentionally tried to hurt my family.”

Kyle says that tabloid lies are nothing new. But she doesn’t want them mentioned in front of her daughter. “We have all had lies printed about us and we all know that when you are on a reality show and putting your lives out there this can happen. But we also know that the last thing we would want to do is bring it up to give these lies a platform and make us relive this again in six months — which is what I am having to do now. Lisa said in her interview that it was the elephant in the room and she thinks the best thing to do is just “hit it head on with me” Really?”

Kyle further tells news “Why wouldn’t you do that in private if you wanted to bring it up? No, she waited for the cameras to be there. Not only that but also Portia, who understands and takes in everything.” Kyle says that she was deeply hurt by Lisa, right off the bat, in episode one. And if reports are true, the tensions between Lisa and Kyle get far more serious later in the season. “I was hurt but put it aside as I had already come this far having her to my home to discuss her restaurant catering the party. . .I knew then this wasn’t going to be easy and found myself (the first of many times) questioning why I cared so much.”

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