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Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart Divorce Reveals Spousal Support

Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart Divorce Reveals Spousal Support

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart divorce tonight reveals that Porsha finally gets spousal support. But it’s not what you would think. Tonight, the Porsha Stewart divorce case results in her getting her first check from Kordell: a mere five thousand dollars.

The Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart divorce dispute plays out this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. But part of the insight and allegations comes from Porsha’s mother Diane, joining the RHOA supporting cast.

Diane reveals to Bravo viewers tonight that Porsha allegedly often had to come to her, during her daughter’s marriage to Kordell, to ask for money. Diane claims that Kordell left Porsha’s purse empty of cash often during the marriage.

Diane explains that Porsha lived in a beautiful home, owned by Kordell, and drove a Mercedes. And while others might have thought that Kordell was taking financial care of Porsha, Diane disagrees. “People saw you driving a nice vehicle, living in a nice home. But when they went into your purse, they didn’t know there was nothing there.”

Porsha’s divorce reveals another shocker. “Here I am driving a Benz, but I have to go my mom for money [during the marriage]”.

Tonight Porsha reveals that she has allegedly been “kicked out” of the house that she lived in with Kordell because he purportedly owns it. “After kicking me out of my house, at least he could do is pay spousal support so I can find a place to live.” And with that, she gets a mere $5000 relocation check.

Diane says “when you first got married Kordell, he said you were gonna have a monthly allowance.” Instead Diane claims Kordell left Porsha often without money. Porsha now has to get her belongings from the house. But Diane says “I don’t want you to be there by yourself.”

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