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Mega Millions Winning Numbers: November 8 Results Tonight Revealed

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: November 8, 2013 11-8-13 Results Tonight Revealed

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Mega Millions winning numbers for results tonight 11-8-13 have just been released to news. If someone correctly picked the winning numbers for November 8, 2013, they will have earned themselves one hundred fifteen million dollars, one of the largest payouts since the latest changes in the game on October 22. So did anyone pick the Mega Millions wining numbers for tonight, and if not, how big could the draw be next week? The Mega Millions numbers for November 8, 2013 are 41, 42, 51, 57, 65, Mega: 7, Megaplier: 2.

Even before this telecast, fans and participants in Mega Millions’ bi-weekly draw have wondered how big the draw could get, and how quickly it might increase, with new changes in the game. Officials recently in a news statement said that “improvements to Mega Millions began with the October 22 draw, and include bigger jackpots, a $1 million second tier prize, and better overall odds of winning any prize.” They added “With a 5x Megaplier, everyone purchasing the extra option for $1 received five times their normal winnings, from $25,000 down to $5. Note that the 5x Megaplier has the best chance of being drawn of any of the Megaplier numbers (from 2x through 5x).”

On Halloween, Mega Millions revealed one of the first big winners under the new game: Lewis Howard. “I thought, ‘Okay, so I have all six numbers,’” he told news. “I just really wasn’t that excited.” But he won ninety-nine million dollars. “I’m just an ordinary person,” the retired HVAC technician said in a news statement. “I’m still the same person.”

Virginia Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto said in a news statement at the time “We commend Mr. Howard for taking his time to assemble a team of financial and legal advisors. This is Virginia’s seventh Mega Millions jackpot win, and the fifth-largest prize ever awarded by the Virginia Lottery.” For other Mega Millions and Powerball results this week click HERE.

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