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Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss Cheating & Married Allegations Strike RHOA

Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss Cheating and Married Claims Strike RHOA

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is Todd Tucker cheating on Kandi Burruss with Carmen, is Kandi still with Todd, and are Todd and Kandi married? These are among the issues that Bravo wants fans to consider in there season previews for RHOA. Bravo makes it appear as though Todd is accused of cheating on Kandi with Carmen, Kandi’s friend, while at the same time leaving in doubt if Kandi and Todd are still together or engaged.

Bravo and their cheating storylines have been exhausting fans now for several seasons. In fact, this week, Bravo debuted two new housewives shows – RHOBH and RHOA – both featuring fake cheating storylines. In the past viewers have heard the same fake claims against Joe with Teresa, and Apollo with Phaedra. This fall, Bravo is using much the same storyline on not one but two Housewives shows. First, Todd didn’t cheat on Kandi. Second, Todd and Kandi did not get married. And finally, Todd and Kandi are still together.

Tonight, Kandi responds to allegations that she is a sugar mama for Todd. “Is she taking care of him?” she laughs. “I don’t like taking care of nobody.” She jokes “I wrote ‘No Scrubs’ “.

But Kandi admits that her mom was not happy when she found out that Todd proposed. “When Todd proposed, my mom was like ‘okay’. It was a little disappointing.”

Todd says he is unhappy that Mama Joyce doesn’t embrace their engagement. “With something like getting married and you don’t have your family support, it s–ks.” Kandi is lost. “I don’t know when things got bad, I don’t know where they are going.”

But Kandi says that her mother thinks Todd is an “opportunist.” She tells viewers “at some point she thought that Todd had ulterior motives. But they were not based upon fact but based upon something she heard in the streets.”

Todd says Kandi needs to address the problem. “Sometimes you don’t deal with issues you let them explode”. Kandi agrees. “He is right. I do.”


  1. Patrice Davis

    December 7, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    I pray for you and your family. However, the Holy Spirit will let you know the truth. Todd seems to be a good person but your Mother is angry about something. I really feel that Carmen is not a good friend of yours. Any friend that will tell you to leave your Mother alone is not your friend! If Todd really and truly love you, he would sign a prenup. He should not have to think about what is fair and what is not fair. If Todd was rich, you would be signing a prenup. Also, please don’t let anyone turn you against your Mother. She wants the best for you. Your Mother was very hurt because she feels that Todd and his family is taking over. Kandi it seems that you never really give yourself time after ending a relationship. I really feel that you took Phaedra advice to talk to Todd. However, you really need to look at Phaedra relationship! You can’t change a man! I don’t care how much money you might have. If you don’t believe me, ask Oprah.

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