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FIFA World Cup U17 Schedule: Copa Mundial Under 17 Starts Finals

FIFA World Cup U17 Schedule: Copa Mundial Under 17 Starts Finals live score results

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The FIFA World Cup U17 schedule 2013 finals round (live score results below) starts Monday as the Copa Mundial Under 17 soccer tournament heads into the knockout phase. On Monday October 28, 2013 and Tuesday October 29, teams will head into the Round of 16 play. This Copa features win-or-go-home knockout matches.

Each day of the FIFA World Cup U17 schedule will feature two sets of games. But the start times are different than then group games from last week. While the group games started at 6 am and 9 am, these games will begin at 7 am PST and 10 am PST each day.

On Monday, Brazil vs. Russia with Japan vs. Sweden will kick off in the morning. Then later it’s Italy vs. Mexico and Honduras vs. Uzbekistan. On Tuesday, Uruguay vs. Slovakia and Morocco vs. Ivory Coast kick off first. Officials confirm to news that Argentina vs. Tunisia and Nigeria vs. Iran will follow later that day. The quarter finals will be played November 1 and November 2. Two games will be offered each day.

Fans might not be pleased with the brackets for this Copa. Not only does Italy vs. Mexico battle in the Round of 16, but the winner of their game will have to face the winner of Brazil vs. Russia in the quarterfinals as well. For live score results starting Monday click HERE. UPDATE: Earlier game times have been corrected by officials. The 7 am games are in fact at 6 am PST, while the 10 am games are still 9 am PST as well.

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