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Powerball Winning Numbers October 26 Results Tonight Prompt $40M

Powerball Winning Numbers October 26, 2013 10-26-13 Results Tonight Prompt $40M

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Powerball winning numbers for October 26, 2013 results tonight are worth forty million dollars. Officials tell news that the numbers carry a twenty-three million dollar cash value. Earlier this week there were lots of winners, including a jackpot winner. Tonight’s winning numbers will be announced at 11 pm EST tonight.

Officials tell news that the Powerball winning numbers for 10-26-13 are worth “only” forty million dollars because there was a jackpot winner on the last draw, October 23, heralding from California. And while there were no Match Five two million dollar winners, there were six Match Five one million dollars, heralding from states like New York, New Jersey and Texas.

A year ago, Donald Lawson was just learning how it is to live with $337 million dollars. He won the massive jackpot at the time. “I feel exactly the same. When it sets in, maybe I’ll feel different. It’s overwhelming”, he told news.

But when he first found out that he won, he felt faint. “I couldn’t breathe”. He added “I called my sister and told her to quit her job and come home. She laughed and said, ‘Did you win the Lottery?’ and I said yes!” Next he called his mom. “I called my mom and told her I won $200,000 in the Lottery and she didn’t believe me. Finally I said, ‘Okay. I’ll tell you the truth. I won $337 million!'”

UPDATE: The results have just been announced. The winning numbers are 4, 6, 34, 49, 56, Powerball: 29. For Mega Millions and Powerball results this week, click HERE.

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