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Real Madrid vs. Juventus 2013 Delivers Score Battle in Champions League

Real Madrid vs. Juventus 2013 Delivers Score Battle in Champions League		 en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Real Madrid vs. Juventus 2013 (en vivo live score results below) delivers an important soccer battle today in the UEFA Champions League. A win today by Real Madrid could advance the team to the next stage.

Today’s Real Madrid vs. Juventus 2013 game (start time 11:45 am PST) features number one ranked Group B team Real facing number two ranked Group B squad Juventus. Real has six points from two wins in two games. Juventus in turn has two draws.

Real has achieved ten goals in just two games. In their first game, Ronaldo scored a hat trick. In their second, Ronaldo delivered a brace. In a news conference this week, however, Ronaldo answered questions about old trade rumors and also about Gareth Bale.

As to Bale, Ronaldo told news “I think he is doing well. Since he arrived he’s had it a bit tough, he didn’t have a pre-season and he was injured so it’s not been easy for him, but you can see how excited he is to be here.” He added “We shouldn’t put too much pressure on him, that’s not good for him. He always wants to learn and we have to try and help him, not put pressure on him, and leave him alone, because I’m certain he’ll be very good for the team.”

Ronaldo also denied reports, once again, that he almost signed with Juventus before joining Man U in 2003. He told news “According to the press, I have been close to signing for every club. People can say what they want but the only team I signed for when I was 18 was Manchester United.” He added “It’s a good thing that so many teams wanted to sign me when I was 18 years old, many teams wanted me and Juventus was one of them, but United and Alex Ferguson gave me the biggest guarantee that they would help me grow as a player. Many clubs were interested, but the one I liked the most was Manchester United.”

Ronaldo admits that a win today could solidify either squad with a possible qualification to the next round. “It’s a very big game and whoever wins the match will get a huge boost. We are at home and we have to try and win, we know Juve are strong and they will be hurt after losing to Fiorentina, but we have to play our football and be focused, that’s the only way we’ll win. If we get to nine points, we’ll be very close to qualifying.” For live score results today click HERE.

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