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Panama vs Uzbekistan 2013 U17 Prompts 0-2 World Cup Score

Panama vs Uzbekistan 2013 U17 Prompts 0-2 World Cup Score live score results channel today game

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Panama vs Uzbekistan 2013 U17 final score today was 0-2. The game was one of four Copa Mundial World Cup U17 soccer matches. But this match features scoring only in the second half.

The Panama vs Uzbekistan 2013 U17 game today October 18, 2013 went scoreless until the sixty-eight minute mark. That is when Abbasov hit an impressive goal for Uzbekistan U17. Thereafter Ashurmatov hit another goal ten minutes later.

Uzbekistan now has four wins, and one loss in their last five soccer games. Panama in turn has three wins and two losses now in their last five matches.

Uzbekistan’s game today was their first big match since 2011. In the 2011 UWC, they fell to New Zealand but beat USA, Czech Republic and Australia before falling to Uruguay as well. After today, Uzbekistan will face Morocco and Croatia. Panama next faces Croatia and then Morocco. For more score updates click HERE.

On Thursday, Brazil, Uruguay, Honduras and Italy won their Copa Mundial U17 group games. Today, Morocco, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Japan have won their matches. Mexico vs. Nigeria 2013 U17 and Canada vs Australia 2013 U17 kick off tomorrow October 19, 2013.

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