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Mega Millions Winning Numbers October 18: Results Tonight Jump to $37M

Mega Millions Winning Numbers October 18: Results Tonight Jump to $37M  2013 10-18-2013l

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mega Millions winning numbers for October 18, 2013 results tonight are worth thirty-seven million dollars, officials tell news. There was no big winner last Tuesday. So the draw tonight has grown, with a twenty-five million dollar cash option at stake. Live results for 10-18-2013 winning numbers will be released later tonight at 11 PM EST.

The Mega Millions winning numbers for 10-18-2013 follows a Tuesday draw with no jackpot winner. There were some happy winners however. Two persons got five numbers correct. One won a quarter million dollars while the other got a million dollars for selecting the Megaplier. There were twenty-nine winners who got the 4+1 ball on Tuesday, with three of them jumping to forty thousand dollars with the Megaplier.

But tonight is the last time that the current Mega Millions format will be offered. What are the new Mega Millions changes for 2013?

Some balls will be eliminated and other balls will be added to change the odds of winning. First, the odds of winning the jackpot are going to get harder. The odds will drop from 1 in 259 million from 1 in 176 million. This will be achieved by growing the number of white balls from fifty-six to seventy-three. Second the odds of winning smaller prizes will get easier. The number of Megaballs will drop from forty-six to fifteen.

Officials contend that the odd changes will cause jackpots to grow faster, and bigger. Mega Millions wants to generate bigger payouts, that generate more news, more frequently. “Lottery players have been spoiled by a rash of record-breaking jackpots,” S.C. Education Lottery executive director Paula Harper Bethea said in a statement several weeks ago. “Mega Millions saw where change was necessary to keep pace and attract players back to its exciting brand, and we feel that will be the case in South Carolina.”

UPDATE: Tonight’s winning numbers have just been released. They are 5, 20, 45, 48, 56, Mega: 1, Megaplier: 4. For all other winning numbers this week click HERE.

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