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Mega Millions Winning Numbers: October 11 Results Tonight Released

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: October 11 Results Tonight Released 2013 10-11-13

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mega Millions winning numbers results for tonight October 11, 2013 have just been released to news. But did anyone correctly select the numbers announced in 10-11-13 results this Friday? Mega Millions carries a draw tonight of twenty-two million dollars. It marks one of the next to final draws before game changes are introduced later this month. The winning numbers for tonight are 3, 27, 37, 45, 48, Mega: 46, Megaplier: 4.

Mega Millions winning numbers for October 11, 2013 are prompting excitement for the final weeks of the game’s current version. Fundamental structures have been modified over the years. But five years ago this week, Chris Crane and his wife Tina learned what it is like to have the winning numbers. They won at the time forty-two million dollars in Mega Millions.

Eventually the couple decided on the annuity, not the cash payout. They chose a twenty-six year annuity that pays them roughly a $1.5 millions per year. So why did they make that decision? “The choice was simply that it is easy to control,” Chris told news “I can make a lot of plans on how to spend that money.”

Mega Millions told news at the time that when Chris “he looked at the winning numbers, his reaction was the same. He’s played the same numbers for several years so he knew he held the winning ticket.” They added “Crane is Michigan’s 6th largest Mega Millions jackpot winner and its eighth since the game began in 2002. For selling the winning ticket, Stoney Creek Party Shoppe will receive a $50,000 bonus.” Tomorrow, Powerball has a big payout as well. For those and all other winning numbers this week click HERE.

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