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Thailand vs. Bahrain 2013 Delivers Soccer Showdown Today

 Thailand vs. Bahrain 2013 Delivers Soccer Showdown Today en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Thailand vs. Bahrain 2013 (live score results below) delivers a soccer showdown today. The game is the second of two international soccer friendly matches being played today. Both teams will use today’s soccer match as a warm up for upcoming Asian Cup qualifiers.

Thailand vs. Bahrain 2013 (start time 5 am PST) features two teams coming off a recent win. Thailand has two wins and three losses in their last five matches. Bahrain in turn has two wins, two losses and one draw in their last five soccer games.

Thailand last beat China PR in a soccer friendly match. Before that, Thailand was beat in two consecutive ACQ matches, first by Kuwait and then Lebanon. After today, Thailand has a full schedule of games. It will battle Iran twice and then Kuwait in ACQ soccer matches next month, reps tell news.

Bahrain, however, has not won a soccer game since March. Bahrain defeated Qatar that month. Previously Bahrain beat Yemen and Qatar but drawed with Lebanon, officials remind news.

Bahrain most recently was beat by Kyrgyzstan and Kuwait. After today, Bahrain will face Malaysia, Lebanon, and Yemen in soccer games through November. For live soccer score results today click HERE.

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