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Truckers Protest Strike Targets I-495 Washington DC October 11, 2013

Truckers Protest Strike Targets I-495 Washington DC October 11, 2013l

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – When are the truckers coming to DC? The Truckers Protest Strike will still driving onto I-495 in Washington DC this October 11, 2013. Their start time hour has not been released to news. But organizers do tell news tonight that the truckers might be arriving in DC even earlier than October 11, and will continue their DC strike must longer than just 10-11-13.

The Truckers Protest Strike will impact I-495 Washington DC October 11, 2013. But an image on their website indicates Gilberton will be their meet-up spot one day earlier on October 10, 2013. Initial news reports on LALATE indicated that the truckers will roll out for Friday’s ride from Doswell Truck Stop in Doswell, Va.

Today they reminded news however that the “shutdown” will happen not just on October 11, but also October 12 and 13. “Truckers and their supports to assemble a convoy to Washington DC on October 11 3″.

They tell news that “legislators are now threatening that if American people do not raise the debt ceiling and pay the Bankster’s trillions more than the financial system will collapse”. The organizers respond “we the people consider this financial terrorism and will not let them get away with it anymore. Every single American … now knows that there has never been a bailout or crisis in the entire world which has been solved by more debt.”

The group points to Greece as an example “Greece in fact is the perfect example of what happens when the debt is so unbearable that the country must given up its land to the Bankster’s as collateral when countries can no longer pay their payments to the global Bankster’s.”

Reaction has been overwhelming to the effort. Readers have commented “Got to say, we out here in America love truckers. These people are the heart of this nation and are brave enough to display exactly what we are all saying and wish we could do.”

Others note that the effort dates back to similar successful protests in the 1970s. “This wouldn’t be the first time the truckers brought about enormous changes. And remember the tractor invasion on the mall in DC back in the 70s I think it was? Breaker 1-9; hit that big 495 hard.” For more on the protest and what to put on your windshield this weekend click HERE.

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