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Japan Earthquake Today 2013 Shakes Miyako

Japan Earthquake Today 2013 Shakes Miyako

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Japan earthquake today has struck Miyako. The Japan earthquake today October 9, 2013 began roughly one hour ago. Damage assessment is pending.

Officials tell news that a 4.7 magnitude Japan earthquake today began just after 7:46 am, locally on October 10. The quake was not centered on land but out to sea. USGS indicates to news, however, that the quake began with a significant depth. USGS reports that the quake was roughly thirty-five miles below sea level. As a result the quake had a limited impact upon communities near the coast.

USGS indicates to news that the Japan earthquake today began thirty miles north of Miyako. The quake was forty-one miles east of Ichinohe and forty-two miles south of Hachinohe. The quake was forty-two miles north of Yamada and roughly three hundred miles north of Tokyo.

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Japan earthquakes have become almost a daily occurrence in recent days. Ever since September, they have been striking off the coast with lesser magnitude. Back in July, however, their magnitude was far weaker.

Dec 2012 Japan Earthquake Maps
Japan Earthquake Map 1
Japan Earthquake Map 2
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Yet in April, the country was hit by a 6.0 magnitude quake. Mapping revealed that the April quake was south of Hyogo, west of Osaka. The quake was also north of Airda and Gobo, south of Tottori, and west of Nabari. The quake’s epicenter was near the coast of western Honshu. The quake began five miles northwest of Sumoto. The quake was twelve miles northeast of Fukura. Officials also tell news that the quake started seventeen miles southwest of Akashi and nineteen miles northeast of Naruto.

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