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BCS Standings 2013 To Reveal NCAA College Football Rankings Week 8

BCS Standings 2013 To Reveal NCAA College Football Rankings Week 8

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – BCS Standings 2013 are fueling rankings predictions today. When are the BCS Standings announced, what date will rankings be released, and what is the start time for the special television broadcast? Officials remind news that the 2013-2014 BCS Standings will debut this Sunday October 20, 2013. They will be announced live on ESPN at 8:30 PM EST.

NCAA College Football BCS Standings Week 8 will be announced after this week’s games. But if the BCS Standings 2013 were announced today, it would be easy to predict the top two teams and many of the top nine teams.

The AP Top 25 and USA Today Poll feature virtually the same rankings for the top nine teams for week seven. Both polls rank Alabama and Oregon number one and two. Both also rank Stanford, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville and Texas A&M from fifth to ninth.

The difference, however, is at number three and four. AP Top 25 puts Ohio State at fourth with Clemson at third, by a difference of only fifty-four points. USA Today swaps those positions with a difference of only twenty-three points. The two polls have a big difference from tenth to fourteenth this week, as well, swapping positions with the same teams.

But how does the BCS Standings work? ESPN reminds viewers this week “Team percentages are derived by dividing a team’s actual voting points by a maximum 2850 possible points in the Harris Interactive Poll and 1575 possible points in the USA Today Coaches Poll.” They add “The BCS Average is calculated by averaging the percent totals of the Harris Interactive, USA Today Coaches and Computer polls.” For live updates Sunday click HERE.

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