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Adam Sandler Not Dead 2013 Snowboarding – Fake RIP Death Returns

Adam Sandler Not Dead 2013 Snowboarding - Fake RIP Death Returns today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Adam Sandler is not dead 2013. And neither is Bret Michaels and Jackie Chan. Adam Sandler has not died snowboarding today this October 2013. The culprit is the same website that has been falsely reporting Jackie Chan dead, Bret Michaels dead, and Eddie Murphy falling to his dead.

A fabricated Adam Sandler death story, claiming that the actor died while snowboarding in Zermatt, has been online for years. Bill Nye the Science Guy to Jackie Chan have been the victims of similar fake death tales. And they all stem from one notable website: Global Associated aka Mediafetcher.

The fake Sandler story claims “Adam Sandler Dies In Snowboard Accident”. “The actor & novice snowboarder was vacationing at the Zermatt ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland with family and friends.” But Sandler was not snowboarding today. He was not in Zermatt either.

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In fact, Mediafetcher today is pushing not one but at least three fake Adam Sandler death stories today. “Adam Sandler Falls To His Death In Austria”, “Adam Sandler Falls To His Death In New Zealand”, and “Adam Sandler missing in Congo Rainforest” are among the works of fiction being offered by Mediafetcher today.

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And if the Congo story sounds new, it should. The fake “Congo Rainforest” template is the latest tale to be added by Global to its world of celebrity death hoaxes. “Actor Adam Sandler is reported to be missing in the Yangadou Rainforest in the Republic Of Congo. The actor was in the remote area filming an action / adventure film titled ‘Mother Africa’”, claims the website. The site even adds a fictitious tale about a director dispute. “Following a dispute with the director of the film, [Sandler] stormed away from the secure compound into the rainforest. At the time of print, the actor has been missing for approximately 24 hours.”

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Adam Sandler is not in Congo, Zermatt, or New Zealand today. He has not died. And Jackie Chan and Eddie Murphy are alive as well. Sandler is not dead, he wasn’t snowboarding in Zermatt. Despite now multiple years of fake train, plane, car, ski, and snowboarding accident, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas aren’t dead either.

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