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Reginald Chance, Reggie Chance Photos Revealed in Alexian Lien Case

Reginald Chance, Reggie Chance Photos Revealed Alexian Lien Case

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Reginald Chance aka Reggie Chance (Facebook photos below) will be charged in the Alexian Lien beating case, claims local news. Reginald Chance is allegedly the man depicted in the “Bikers Attack SUV” video at the end, so claims police. They assert that Chance is the biker who pulls up to Alexian Lien’s Range Rover SUV, removes his helmet, smashes the Lien SUV driver’s window, and pulls Lien out of the SUV.

Reginald Chance is a 38 year old resident of Brooklyn. His Facebook account has been identified by the New York Post. “Chance’s Facebook page says he is from Guyana and that he works as a driver and supervisor for Bimmy’s sandwich shop in Queens.” Earlier today, the ABC New York affiliate reported that the biker was identified by police on Thursday and was set to turn himself in to be charged Friday. By midday Friday, the New York Daily News identified the biker as “Reggie Chance”. Now the NY Post is indicating the biker’s complete name as “Reginald Chance”.

Reginald Chance Pictures Set 1
Reginald Chance Photo 1
Reginald Chance Photo 2
Reginald Chance Photo 3
Reginald Chance Photo 4

Both New York newspapers claim that Reginald Chance hired defense counsel on Wednesday and was negotiating the time and manner of his Friday surrender. As of 1:40 PM PST, he reportedly has still not yet been charged. “Reginald Chance, 38, of Brooklyn, has lawyered up and is expected to surrender by Friday, according to two law-enforcement sources speaking on condition of anonymity”, claims the Daily News.

Reginald Chance Pictures Set 2
Reginald Chance Photo 5
Reginald Chance Photo 6
Reginald Chance Photo 7
Reginald Chance Photo 8

The video of the SUV attack was recorded by a helmet cam owned and operated by biker Kevin Bresloff, officials tell news. Kevin Bresloff is a 37 year old from Bellport, LI. “Just before Chance allegedly pulls Lien from the car, Bresloff’s video abruptly ends — turned off, cops say, so as to avoid creating an incriminating record of the ensuing assault”, claims the Post. “Cops aren’t buying Bresloff’s claim that his camera ‘accidently’ shut off, another law-enforcement source said.”

Rosalyn Ng, Lien’s wife, issued a news statement this week. “We were faced with a life-threatening situation, and my husband was forced under the circumstances to take the actions that he did in order to protect the lives of our entire family,” Ng said.

Bikers SUV Case Pictures Set 1
Bikers Photo 1
Bikers Photo 2
Bikers Photo 3
Bikers Photo 4

Prosecutors blame Christopher Cruz for starting the encounter. They claim that Cruz stopped in traffic to cause Alexian Lien to touch his bike, to in essence to create a car accident. They claim that Cruz and his biker gang then surrounded Alexian Lien’s SUV, got off the vehicles, and surrounded the SUV. At that point, prosecutors claim the biker gang began to damage the SUV.

Bikers SUV Case Pictures Set 2
Bikers Photo 5
Bikers Photo 6
Bikers Photo 7
Bikers Photo 8

Jeremiah Mieses is paralyzed. His mother, Yolanda Santiago, blames Lien. She tells the daily News that he is “trying to hang on for dear life.. It’s just devastating. They said he’s never to walk again, all because someone did this. “He just ran into my son,” she said. “Where’s the justice for my son? He’s never going to walk again.” For continued coverage click HERE.

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