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Mega Millions Changes 2013 Prompt New Winning Numbers Hope

 Mega Millions Changes 2013 Prompt New Winning Numbers Hope

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Mega Millions winning numbers for October 4, 2013 will be announced Friday evening. But in roughly two weeks, new Mega Millions changes 2013 will be implemented. In a news statement today, Mega Millions indicates that they are changing how the game works starting October 22. But do the changes help the game or hurt?

The Mega Millions changes 2013 are being implemented to grow attention to the game amid growing popularity for Powerball. As reported extensively on LALATE this month, smaller draws on Powerball still generate far more news coverage and fan frenzy than larger Mega Millions draws. But could that soon change?

The changes are bit complex. First, the odds of winning the jackpot are going to get harder. The odds will drop from 1 in 259 million from 1 in 176 million. Second, officials believe that the odd changes will cause jackpots to grow faster, and bigger. Mega Millions wants to generate bigger payouts, that generate more news, more frequently. Third, the changes will improve the chances of winning lesser prizes.

So how will this be achieved? The number of Megaballs will drop from forty-six to fifteen. The number of other balls (the white balls) will grow from fifty-six to seventy-three. “Lottery players have been spoiled by a rash of record-breaking jackpots,” S.C. Education Lottery executive director Paula Harper Bethea said in a statement. “Mega Millions saw where change was necessary to keep pace and attract players back to its exciting brand, and we feel that will be the case in South Carolina.”

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