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Alexian Lien, Rosalyn Ng Flee as Bikers Attack SUV: 911 Tape

Alexian Lien, Rosalyn Ng Flee as Bikers Attack SUV: 911 Tape

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Alexian Lien, Rosalyn Ng, and their young child (Facebook photos below) flee as bikers attack their SUV, shocking YouTube / LiveLeak video reveals. Alexian Lien is a 33 year old graduate of Columbia and director of the e-commerce firm He was pulled from his SUV, beaten, and had his face slashed with a knife by a gang of New York bikers. And it all happened in front of his wife and their two year old daughter.

Alexian Lien and Rosalyn Ng had to flee in their SUV Range Rover last weekend as a gang of bikers chased them. The facts of the case are highly disputed between the parties. But the final moments of the attack against Alexian Lien is clear and shocking.

After miles of attempting to flee from the bikers, Lien gets stuck in New York traffic. A biker pulls alongside his SUV. He jumps off his bike, takes his helmet, smashes Lien’s driver’s window to grab him, and yanks the 33 year old to the ground. He then proceeds to allegedly punch Lien and slash his face with a knife.

Bikers SUV Case Pictures Set 1
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The entire encounter happened in front of other bikers, witnesses, Lien’s wife and their daughter. By Monday afternoon few details about Lien’s condition remains unknown. “Lien could not be reached for comment Monday, and his wife, Rosalyn Ng, was too distraught to speak when reached by phone”, reported the Daily News.

Many of the bikers have been speaking to the news media. But the Lien family has not. It is expected that Lien’s side of the story will be revealed by midweek. A 911 tape is expected to be released.

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Lien’s 911 tape reportedly has him stating that he “feared for his safety” and stopped during the matter but thereafter sought police help. ““He’s surrounded by about 20 to 30 motorcyclists,” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. “They take their helmets and they start to dent his car and apparently his tires are slashed there with a knife. He’s in the car with his wife. He continues to drive”, Kelly told news this week.

In the final moments, Lien is dragged from his SUV. But witnesses report that the bikers tried to do that earlier when he approached near W. 125th St. He reportedly then tried to head to W. 178th St., only to get his tire(s) slashed by the bikers.

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In total the Henry Hudson Parkway chase lasted four miles. Kelly tells news that there were 30 motorcyclists involved during the matter. It eventually ended in Washington Heights. For continuing coverage click HERE.

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