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CTA Train Crash Today 2013: No Driver Behind Blue Line Accident

CTA Train Crash Today 2013: No Driver in Blue Line Accident

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The CTA train crash today 2013 was updated by officials to news moments ago. Investigators now report that one of the CTA Blue Line trains that crashed today did not have a driver and was out of service. So what happened? They believe the train under repair simply rolled out, onto the tracks, reached 20 mph, and crashed into another train filled with passengers.

Initially, police categorized the CTA train accident as a criminal matter. They initially told news that someone was suspected in “stealing” the Chicago area train and driving it to the Forest Park station. But at the time, there were reports of no driver being arrested.

Now CTA confirms that is not what happened. There was no driver, and no train was stolen. Rather they report that the train was under repair at the Forest Park station. The train, undergoing repairs, not in service, and certainly without anyone on board, simply rolled out of the station.

So how could a CTA train roll out of its repair bay at the station and crash into a CTA train in service? CTA spokesman Brian Steele still has few answers. Steele also doesn’t understand why two switches which are in place to halt the train from rolling any further didn’t work. Instead, the train got up to 20 mph.

Robert Kelly, president of Local 308 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, tells the Chicago Tribune, that there are more questions than answers currently. Jayla Clemons tells WGNTV what she saw today. She said the conductor driving one train was shouting at the unstaffed rolling train. “I heard the conductor, he was like, ‘Stop, stop!’ But I guess nobody was on it,” Jayla said. “So then he jumped off and then the whole thing, it hit each other. And then I was like, ‘My sister’s on it,’ and then I just fell. The whole ground was shaking so my back hit something that was metal and then I fell and my knee popped.”

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