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New Island Pictures from Pakistan Earthquake Shock Gwadar

New Island Pictures from Pakistan Earthquake Shock Gwadar

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – New island pictures from the Pakistan earthquake today are shocking Gwadar residents along the Arabian sea. Photos have been released now of the new island formed from the Pakistan earthquake today September 24, 2013. But seismologists are quick to clarify whether the island is “new” or was actually even “formed” today.

So where is that new island located? Officials tell news that is located off the coast of Gwadar, Pakistan. Gwadar is on the southwestern section of the Arabian Sea coast in the Balochistan province. And locals tell news tonight that this is not the first time that a new island appeared after an earthquake. Residents report that a 1968 earthquake revealed a new island. But one year later, the island was gone.

So what is really go on here? Some researchers believe that the “island” is really a “mud volcano”. As the earthquake hit, slurry on the bottom of the ocean floor pushed a mixture of mud and other debris above sea level.

Paul Earle, a USGS geophysicist, tells NBC that officials are investigating the island. Earle says that “the islands are not created because the ground was … pushed up by the earthquake”.

Other researchers are not comfortable with the term “mud volcano” but prefer “land uprisings”. But many agree upon where and how the materials formed. “Sandy layers underground are shaken, and sand grains jiggle and become more compact,” John Armbruster, a seismologist at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University told NBC today. To see the latest picture click HERE.

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